OT: FS: Used Older iPAD

Jim Sheldon

I have an older (I believe 4th generation - first one with the "Retina" display) iPAD available if anyone is interested. (My wife bought me a new Gen 7 version.) It has 16 gigs of memory which is a little small by today's standards but it you don't put too many apps on it, it will work just fine. It still holds a charge and will come with the charger and a new, much longer, "Lightning" cord. The only problem with it is the iPAD's "Lightning" cord input jack is a little worn and you sometimes have to make sure that good contact is made when plugging it in to recharge.
There are no cracks in the screen or case and it comes with a leather protective cover that's still serviceable though it has seen better days. I've wiped all personal and app data from it and it comes up wanting a new owner to take it over.
Original cost, some 7 or 8 years ago was just over $500. I'd like to get $90 out of it (via PayPal only, no checks or money orders) and that will include shipping to anywhere in the US.
Please contact me off list if interested (w0eb at cox.net) to keep the clutter down on the reflector.
Jim Sheldon, W0EB 

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