Re: FW: Bayou Jumper Souper Upper Kit Installation Help

Rick Nelson

Hi, Mike,

Thanks for your email. I’m afraid though that I’m not the one to ask—I have not added the “Souper Upper” kit to my own Bayou Jumper. The only Soupping Up” I’ve done is to add the Nextion Color Display to my uBITX.

You might be able to find someone who has already done this by checking on the EHAM review page. It would be much easier to find someone who has already performed this procedure to do it a second time.

BTW, drilling through the faceplate with an electric drill...starting with a smaller bit and holding the drill still... should be no problem. I have done that myself to add a second keying lamp to the faceplate.

Good luck!



On Jan 14, 2020, at 2:19 PM, Mike Scheidt <> wrote:

I would like to hire someone (ideally someone who has installed this kit
into a Bayou Jumper already) to complete the final steps in me adding the
"Souper Upper" kit to my Bayou Jumper. I've completed the board for the
kit, but I don't feel confident enough to complete the internal mounting of
the board, wiring the same, and most importantly, accurately drilling
through the face of the Bayou Jumper. I have only one non-standard item on
my Bayou Jumper, in that, please note it has a Vernier tuning dial, which
has helped me a great deal in selecting the received frequency. I don't
believe it will preclude the Souper Upper kit items to be installed as

I'll obviously pay shipping both ways, and I'd appreciate an approximate
dollar estimate to install the Souper Upper kit. Lastly, I'm not in a
particular rush.

Thanks in advance for considering my request for assistance.


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