Re: Delta Mike Romeo Net

Leland Lannoye

I realize I am out of sync. Such things as four bacterial and a fungal infection slow the style more than it is already.  However, the W9HIF Project is only about a month behind.  I have the SDR Cube back online, the Phaser will resume construction this weekend as long as the relapse doesn't return and the pI-Star is on for DMR.  What group do you use and is it a BrandMeister talk group?

Lee, W9HIF, ex. WA9AOE

On 1/15/2020 22:26, Robert wrote:
Thanks to all who checked in tonight.

WG5F - Ed
NK8O -- Charles
AC0BQ -- Johnny
W8NWA -- Mike
K0EMT -- Bryan
N0S0 -- Mike
KU5M -- Joe

73's  Bert N0YJ  See ya next week!
Lee, W9HIF
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