W0RW @ Ice Station Zebra, 25 Jan. 20, 1800z


Advanced  Notice... Winter Field Day,

  W0RW @ Ice Station Zebra


25 Jan.  2020.

Time:  1800z, 

Freq:   7032 kHz +/- 1.

i will be using my re-purposed  WW2  BC-221 Frequency  Meter on 40M.

See CQ Magazine:  "QRP Radio Disguised as a BC-221”, Feb. 2018, p. 16.

or the NAQCC Newsletter:   "A Skin Deep BC-221", 


It runs 10W into a vertical.

Then at: 1900z i will be on 20M,

Freq: 14061 +/-1 kHz with my PRC319 Lite, 10W.

You can see photos of the 'PRC319Lite' in CQ Magazine, June 2017,

or QRP Quarterly, Oct. 2016.

It has been a cold winter. +10F last night. 

The QSL card for this operation will be my new free Dino QSL.

You can see a sample of it in my QSL Gallery by searching for 'Dino QSL' on eBay.

Paul   W0RW


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