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AG1P Ron

Besides the EMRFD previously mentioned, I am told  RadioShack: Basic Communications Electronics, Analog Electronic Devices and Circuits; How They Work and How They are Used to Create Communication Systems by Jack Hudson and Jerry Luecke was helpful for new hams wanting to better understand.


Another book that might be helpful is Mastering Radio Frequency Circuits Through Projects and Experiments by Joseph Carr.

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Subject: [4SQRP] Recommendations for electronics books


Hi all,
I've built some QRP kits, and had fun doing it, but found that after I'm done, I really don't understand how they work. I see articles in QST and QRP Quarterly with interesting looking projects, but I'd like to develop a better sense for how they work. Can anyone recommend some good books or websites that explain how RF circuits work?


Scott WZ0W

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