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Issues or questions related to the 'e-mail reflector' should be sent to AE5K.

To all, please notice the "Contact Us" button on the 4sqrp web page. this will help the correct person when help is needed.

On 02/17/2013 01:47 PM, Djwilcox01@... wrote:
When I registered I forgot to use my yahoo email account.  I errantly gave you my personal email URL.  Now I am getting all the 4SQRP emails in my personal account.
I use Djwilcox01@yahoo for all my  ham radio stuff, so  would you please delete the Djwilcox01@... and add the yahoo URL.
Thank you.
David J. Wilcox, D.O.
3196 Zimmerman Road
Traverse City, Michigan 49685
Grid Square EN74
QRP ARCI #5413
GQRP #02502

David Martin - K5DCM ---o0o---
Mountain Home, Arkansas

Guns don't kill people, any more than spoons & forks cause obesity.


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