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* On 2013 28 May 06:41 -0500, WA0ITP wrote:
I wish it were last Spring. We're gettin waay too much rain. My rain
gage goes to 6" and has overflowed with the rain since Friday. BIG
boomers every morning this weekend and again today. I have 2 small
ditches in the back yard which are flooding, as is a large ditch in
the neighbors back yard. This one is ~10 feet wide. The street is
curb to curb and this is the only place in the state that has rain.
Must be a message there. My ants have been unhooked all weekend and
I'm having radio withdrawal. Cmon sunshine. Last Spring was drier
and far more pleasant.
From one extreme to the other, eh?

We went under tornado warning last night around 9:40 and the John Deere
dealership three miles west of town was hit but a truss manufacturer
just east of there was "leveled" according to my brother who was out
with the township fire deptartment assessing damage. I understand that
several homes about a mile and a half northwest of town were struck.
That's a little too close, thank you very much!

My gauge shows 1.6" this morning and I suspect it was heavier to the
west of the tornado track.

I'll be happy with a few quiet months now!

72, de Nate >>


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