Cricket 40 No Receive Audio

Michael Berry

Good afternoon:

I'm hoping someone may have experience with this issue so I'll put it out here for review.   I recently received and built the Cricket 40 kit.   When I first built the kit, it was discovered (only after testing) that I was missing the SS8550 for Q7 and instead had a 2N7000 in that location.    The result of this was that when turned on it sounded as if the keyer was constantly pressed.   After receiving a replacement I changed Q7 to the SS8550 and now it will key correctly.   Now my issue is that I have no receive audio whatsoever.   After digging through some forums I found one instance where it was mentioned to check for flux contamination so just to be sure I did make sure I cleaned the board thoroughly, although my soldering was kept as neat and clean as possible.   I found also a note about checking the center leg of Q4 to see if voltage here was above 6 volts.   In my case it was around 4.   The recommendation was to place a 1 M ohm resistor across D1.     I have done this and now the voltage on Q4 center leg is about 8.5 volts but I still have no receive audio.    when I press the keyer,  I do hear the sidetone and having a receiver nearby I do seem to receive.    It seems something is causing the receive side to be muted but I'm stumped at this point.    Has anyone experienced similar or does someone perhaps have a suggestion to check further?

I'm new to the 4 State QRP Forums so I apologize if I entered this in the wrong place.  I'm currently holding a technician license,  working to learn code as well as studying for the general test.   I wanted to build a small kit and play around with it a bit but it's turned into a troubleshooting project more than using a transceiver.   All part of the fun. 

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.


Michael Berry,  K5KAB 

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