Re: Portable Battery Recommendations

Don, W9EBK

Any lead acid or gel cell battery will be affordable but heavy. I use a group 24 lead acid deep cycle battery that is more than enough for what you want to do but weighs almost 30 pounds.
Start shopping for a Lithium iron or lithium ion battery. You are going to need 30 to 40 amp hours to do what you want,  with no worries.  A 20 amp hour battery might keep you on the air for 4 hours,  but you might run close,  and sucking a battery all the way down isn't good for the battery,  or the quality of your signal, so always go with a bigger battery if you can handle the price and the weight. 
You are going to need to shop carefully. I just priced out a lithium iron 46 amp hour battery from Dakota lithium.  It's 46 amp hours at 12 volts and only weights 6.4 pounds.  Unfortunately it costs $400! You can find batteries for less by shopping carefully. 
If you have cordless power tools that use lithium batteries you may be able to adapt them.  I have a Black and Decker 12 volt drill and have used that battery to run my Hilltopper 20. It won't do 5 watts nor last for 4 hours,  but it's something to think about.  I recently got some tools that are 20 volt.  I have 2 1.5 amp hour lithium batteries for those tools.  I plan to make a regular to be able to run 12 volt radios from them. 
Good Luck, 
Don, W9EBK 

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