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The Gel Cell 7ah is sort of heavy so I decided to use it to hold stuff together when the wind blows. My rig is in a plastic ammo box with the battery on the bottom when operating. Complete “Shack in a Box”, just add an antenna.

The box closes tight, has a handle for carrying and keeps the weather out...... mostly.  Although I am not in a hurry I can be on the air in about 3 minutes or so but I am getting slower !  Plenty of room for note pad, pen, key and headphones.  Total weight is just 12.6 lbs which is not too bad for just one package with a very sturdy handle.

The power distribution panel was 3D printed, has (2) 5v USB and (1) 12v outlets, a LED meter, on off switch and push switch to check the voltage.  The box came from Wally World.  

Additional construction details if anyone is interested.




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I loved the discussion about Portable Antennas, learned quite a few new ideas to try out.  Now for another.  To power my Ten-Tec Argo IV QRP rig (or a KX2 if I ever get one) out in the field, what kind of light weight battery would you all recommend that could power the rig, running 5 watts, for up to four hours CW and SSB.  I have a sealed Gel-Cell but it's kinda heavy.  Appreciate all your thoughts.  72, Richard AG5M.

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