Re: Portable Battery Recommendations

Derek WF4I

For SOTA activations I use an A123 4S1P LiFePO4 to power my KX3 which provides 13.2 V @ 2.5 Ah.  Expensive but small and light weight.  This chemistry holds a level voltage for a long time and then ramps off quickly.  Typically I carry a couple but have never needed the second one even after activating two summits and, even then, the voltage had not dropped off.  I recharge it with a Cellpro Multi4 charger which provides an balanced charge on each cell rather a charge to all cells simultaneously as do some other battery / charger combination.  Typically, a full recharge doesn't require more than 20 minutes.  This type battery is also available in a 4S2P formal which is rated 13.2 V @ 5.0 Ah.

Derek, WF4I

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