Re: Portable Battery Recommendations


On 1/30/2020 11:24 AM, Gwen Patton wrote:
I use the Talentcell 8300mAh 12/9/5v battery pack, Richard. I got it from Amazon here:
That's an interesting pack.   Is it correct that all voltage output can be used simultaneously (albeit with decreased battery life)?

Also I wonder if you think the mAH capacity (i.e. 8300mAH at 12 volts) is accurately stated?   I ask because many (if not most) of the Chinese battery packs are grossly overrated and this seems like a lot of capacity for the price, which usually is the first clue that's the case.   Actual discharge data using a battery analyzer would be the best way to tell for sure but just measuring the time from full charge to a given discharge voltage with a known load would be good enough.

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