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Tommy Henderson

Nice Thread,

I would also have to say, RF Circuit Design by Bowick is in my top 3. Here are my top 8:

  1. RF Circuit Design: Bowick, ISBN# 0-672-21868-2 (this is my first one I picked up in 1986)
  2. RF Circuit Design: Bowick, #9780750685184. (second ed ~ 2005, some added material, either one will do the job)
  3. The Art of ElectronicsHorowitz and Winfield # ISBN 978-0521809269 (3rd Ed, however any old edition will due!) Great book, It could be first in this list, I just placed it here as it is used as a reference book, not part of a class. The book is written through a teaching perspective.)
  4. Radio Frequency Design: Hayward, #0-87259-492-0
  5. Experimental Methods in RF Design: Bob Larkin, Rick Campbell, and Wes Hayward, #978-0-87259-923-9 (Either of these Design Books, this one covers a bit more). 
  6. Principles of Electric Circuits: Thomas L. Floyd; David M. Buchla, #9780134879482 (good basic coverage text book of DC and AC theory w/o calculus).
  7. Principles of Electronic Communication Systems: Frenzel, #9780073373850 (another good basic coverage, text book)
  8. Older ARRL Handbooks, I keep 2 from every decade beginning from the 70's, they come in handy

Tommy - WD5AGO

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