Re: HF Magnetic Loop and Pacemaker

Dan Reynolds

Yeah, I knew you guys were joking. And I have spoken with the MFR. The major "danger" is not that it will fail but more that the electrical "interference" will screw up the programming. I'm on my 2nd one (atrial fib) and actually just about due for my 3rd. I'm sure they have backups but I don't want to mess with the programming. It works well now. And magnetic fields and sparking/arcing are the things most worrisome. For example if you do arc weld you're never to put the leads over your shoulder - keep them as far away from your chest as you can. And with a running car - you shouldn't get your hands near the spark plug leads. I don't weld anymore. It was only a hobby thing at best. Working on cars I obey that rule to max. 

I know the suggestion was to talk to the MFR but I can't imagine many of them understanding what a transmitting mag loop antenna is. I have a Medtronics device, single lead. I am 100% paced and in the procedure they ablated the AV mode to "disconnect" the top from the bottom parts of the heart.  I had mine implanted before they had come up with better alternative treatments for a-fib. A pacemaker is not very common for that now. Other than those few precautions I would say I'm better than new! 
Dan Reynolds -- KB9JLO

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