Re: Portable Battery Recommendations

Greg Troxel

"John" <> writes:

The other consideration with large lithium batteries is that they're
potentially (!) a bomb. I'd be pretty careful about transporting and using
them so as not to damage them and cause an explosion/fire. Then there's
Because of this, I avoid lithium ion batteries. When I do use them, I
only charge them while I am around, and I have careful to avoid
mechanical damage. I would not want to use polymer cells without full
mechanical protection. I have heard many horror stories about lithium
ion batteries and fires.

Lithium iron phosphase (LiFePO4) is a different chemistry and is far
safer. I have not heard about these being implicated in

I have two Bioenno LiFePO4 batteries, and they have behaved well. They
have an internal controller for balancing and overcharge/overdischarge

73 de n1dam

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