Wed Nite Nets


The Four State QRP Comfortable nets meet each Wednesday night
beginning at 7:30 PM CDT, 0030z.

With the Spring storm season upon us, and it being severe so far, pse check the
reflector for unexpected cancellations due to wx.

Note that Wayne is taking a break for the Summer, pse someone jump in and call
the 7122 net at 0100z. Propagation willing, I'll be checking into the 40M net
with my 7122 PigRig. About half the 7122 crystals were mailed over the weekend.

Add anything to the exchange that you wish, temp rig, ant, etc.
Checking into both, or even all, sessions is encouraged. There is a "Clean
Sweep" checking into all of the nets in one evening. Send your log info to
Steve Szabo,

7:30 CDT 0030z ... 40M CW Net on 7122, ??
8:00 CDT 0100z ... 80M CW Net on 3564, WA�ITP NCS.
8:30 CDT 0130z ... 40M CW Net on 7122, ??
9:00 CDT 0200z ... 80M PSK Net on 3580.5, N�TGR NCS

All are welcome! After the nets, a list of checkins will be
posted on the Four State reflector.

I love this radio stuff !

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