W0RW @ Ice Station Zebra, 12 Feb. 2020 1800z-2000z


W0RW @  Ice Station Zebra,   12 Feb. 2020.

(It is like Siberia there right now)… http://tinyurl.com/zgss4yu

(This is not a SOTA but it is at 8500 feet).


 1800z on 7032 +/-2,  w/  BC-221, 10W.


 1900z on 14061 +/-2  w/ PRC319 'Lite', 10W.

 2000z on 14285  +/-7 w/PRC319, 50W.

You can see the weather and  sky over  ISZ at:


 The QSL card for this operation will be my new Dino QSL.



Paul   W0RW


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