Ozarkcon 2020 tidbits

Walter - K5EST

Hi All, yes the Ozarkcon Team has been busy with the
details of the greatest venue of QRP fun in mid-America.

The Speakers this year are in line with the last couple of 
years and many are known worldwide for knowledge and
their activity in QRP.

The webmaster will soon be receiving the data to put
the Ozarkcon website into operation. We will need to 
proofread and make a few adjustments, then a notice
of "open for pre-registration" will be sent to the reflector. 
Please allow us just a little more time to get things finalized.

The Stone Castle Hotel is still on winter break but you
can reserve rooms during normal weekday hours by
calling (417) 335-4700 and asking for the 4 State QRP
block of rooms.

More tidbits to follow later.

Walter Dufrain - K5EST - QRPcw
 Speaker Presentations Chair for OzarkCon 2020
 An ARRL approved Specialty Operating Convention

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