Re: 40 and 80 Meter CW Nets

John - KK4ITX

I was on 40m until the 80m net, heard 2 single “CQs” and then silence, kinda like letting the air out of a balloon.  80m here was S8, ESP heard some parts not much else.

Sooner or later we’ll make it from Florida !



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On Feb 12, 2020, at 21:59, Johnny Matlock <jomatlock@...> wrote:

Ge group 
40 meters was a wash out. 
No stations heard. 

80 meters started off better, and then my QRM pulse jumped up to S8 and that took care of me hearing anyone else. 
Its a pulse that will jump up to S8 for a period of time, then stop, then come back again. 

Check In's were:
Paul WA9PWP 
Glenn N4MJ. 
I think I heard Chas W2SH trying to get in, but my QRM was over powering him. 

Thanks for trying. 
Johnny AC0BQ

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