Bayou Jumper and Su'per Up'er - more questions!


I have completed installation of the Su'per Up'er (SU) on a original version (white panel) Bayou Jumper (BJ) and I am now in the 'bring it to life' phase.  I have two problems to discuss and 2 questions to go along with those.

P1: I do not appear to have dc continuity between the +12VDC input point and the rotary switch (SW1d). I do have continuity from the DC input jack to the connections on Q6(drain) so something between those two is defunct (there is a via which takes the +12V from one side to the other and I am eyeing it). Today I will once again remove the front panel and do some more sleuthing. A friend commented that the manual mentions making sure the certain via's need looking at and, yes, that is in one of the manuals and I will do so.

Q1: anyone else have a problem in this area??

P2: I noticed that the DC connector plug/jack has a pretty darned flaky/loose connection. The owner of the BJ mentioned he also noted that had been a problem for him also.  I do remember those type of connectors having several physical variations and I will be looking into that today. 

Q2: anyone else have this problem (i.e. loose plug/jack on the 12VDC input)?

All help appreciated!  Bob Groh, WA2CKY

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