SSS results for March

John Lonigro

I did remember to tally the scores last night.  The March Second Sunday Sprint winner was Chas, W2SH, with 17 points.  Nick, WB5BKL, came in second with 11 points.  Jeff, N0MII, came in third with 4 QSO points.  I guess the third month is the charm, right Jeff?  He was shutout in January and February, but his persistence paid off with a couple of QSOs in March.  Maybe this will be the first month in a string of successful months for Jeff.

For the year, the leader is also Chas, W2SH, with 33 total points, followed by Nick, WB5BKL, with 25 and Carl, WB0CFF, with 21. However, the year is young and nobody has been mathematically eliminated yet.

Speaking of Carl, WB0CFF, as most of those participating in these Sunday sprints already know, he has been battling a serious health problem for several years.  Despite the overriding anxiety this illness brings and the side-effect discomforts of his medications, he has bravely participated in almost every one of these events during the past two and a half years, and always with admirable scores.  As a matter of fact, you'd have to go back to 2017 to find a SSS in which Carl did not finish first for the year.  That was because he didn't enter the contest until November of that year. Alas, he was absent from this week's sprint.  Do keep Carl in your thoughts and in your prayers, confident that the courage that sustains him now will continue undiminished in the future.

Chas will be receiving his March SSS certificate shortly.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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