Re: Is the 4SQRP Ozark Patrol QSO worthy?



Thanks for the info. 

I have a strong feeling that the Ozark Patrol should do just fine paired with a stand alone TX. 

Years ago I constructed (scaled to 30 M) the "Universal QRP Transmitter" described in "Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur" by Hayward and DeMaw. I was able to cover the entire 30M band by switching in/out only 3 "rubberized" xtals. With this tx paired with the "Pocket-Size Direct-Conversion Receiver for 40 Meters" (same publication and also scaled to 30M) I enjoyed great success. I gave all away to a local ARC and have been kicking myself ever since for doing so. Info on both rx and tx should be available readily. If you wish I will copy and send. 

Good luck with the MMM (3M?!) project.


Don  W6BOW

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I haven't tried using my Ozark Patrol with a separate TX because a) I didn't think of that, and b) I don't have a separate TX that isn't also an RX! Maybe I'll try it if I build the Michigan Mighty Mite I've been collecting pieces for.


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Dear All,

I just put in my order for the 4SQRP Orzak Patrol regenerative RX.

My research on the internet indicates that this is a sensitive yet remarkably hand capacitance immune iteration of Armstrong's original.
Has anyone a story or stories to share about using this receiver in conjunction with a TX for practical QSO-ing?

Kudos due KA0KRN for his finely finished enclosure.


Don  W6BOW
SF  CA  

P.S. I have been working my way through a trove of printed and digital publications of "HOMEBREWER MAGAZINE"  which I acquired courtesy Dr. David J. Wilcox, K8WPE. All materials will find their way anon (asap) to W0RW's Lending Library.



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