locked Re: Reluctantly not going to make it to 2020 Ozarkcon

John - KK4ITX


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I understand your concerns but if you are over 70 you probably have lived through much, much worse than this event is and did not even know it because MEDIA was not in your face.

Take a deep breath, exhale.......


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On Mar 12, 2020, at 21:30, John - KK4ITX via Groups.Io <jleahy00@...> wrote:

I so much want to be able to attend the 4S event but connections from Florida in any manner do not seem to work at all and it’s a very long drive when I have to come back and then go to Minnesota !     

All that aside, IMHO this “problem” has been blown way out of proportion to reality, yes if you are already in bad shape PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS but otherwise it does not seem to be more than a bad cold for 80% of us.

Please don’t overreact, just wash your hands like your mother said and you’ll be OK.

This is 2020 not 1918 !



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On Mar 12, 2020, at 21:05, Nate Bargmann <n0nb@...> wrote:

* On 2020 12 Mar 19:15 -0500, n4mj via Groups.Io wrote:
May want to wait about saying Dayton (Xenia) won't happen.  That's in
May, approximately 2 months away.  Lots can happen in 2 months.

Indeed.  Some thought is that if this thing could grow exponentially
that there could be 8 million active cases in the US by mid-May.  If,
again there is that two letter word, 10% require hospitalization,
healthcare will be strained just by this virus alone, not to mention
everything else they handle.  

I note this not to cause alarm, but to say that everyone needs to
determine for themselves where the line between prudence and panic lies
and act accordingly.  A week ago I was promoting and planning on
attending the Nebraska ARRL convention and hamfest in Lincoln, NE this
coming Saturday.  By Monday I was having some second thoughts and as the
week wore on I was becoming more hesitant to the point that this morning
I had mostly decided not to go.  That decision became moot when the
event was postponed until Halloween shortly after noon today.

My hesitation wasn't so much a concern for my own health as even though
I'm 56 I've no underlying health issues that concern others.  My concern
was possibly unwittingly transmitting the virus to others.  That may yet
still happen but it will only happen as a result of all of us in the
local community going about our daily business and life.  That won't make
the illness any more pleasant!

I commend Bob for making his decision with the best available
information at hand.  Despite not having conferences, conventions, or
hamfests for a while, we radio amateurs are blessed that we not only
have the Internet, but the entirety of amateur radio to stay in touch
and continue to play with safe in the knowledge that we can' transmit
the disease by doing so.

At some point there will be a sense of normalcy.  Of that I am certain.

72, Nate


"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
possible worlds.  The pessimist fears this is true."

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