Fire In The Wire

Joshua Wood

Spring is right around the corner, so i'm looking at my current portable antenna options.  Does anyone have any advice on easily deployable portable antennas?  I've had minimal luck with my homebrew EFHWs using a 49:1, and my 9:1 not-so-random wires usually seem deaf.  The NorCal Doublet I made works okay, but is finicky to deploy, and fragile (ribbon cable isn't meant for 40ft runs, apparently).  I made two KE4PT End-Fed OCFD, and loved their form factor - but not their results.  My PAC-12 has had some decent results, but is finicky to tune.  My homemade Mag Loop (using the chameleon kit) has nice sharp tuning and good receive, but i've struggled making contacts with it.  I've had mixed results with a number of QRPGuys kits, as well.

I know it seems like a silly question, but- does anyone have any advice for a portable (i.e. small packed size) multi-band HF antenna (40-30-20-15)?  A club member has loaned me one of their W3EDP, but weather and family obligations haven't been conducive to testing it yet.  I figured now is the time to build new antennas to test this spring / summer!


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