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David Wilcox


While not an expert in my 60 years of ham radio I find that 5 watts even with a good antenna is iffy depending on the bands, the gray line, etc.  I am down in Florida in a 3rd floor condo with a large balcony and even FT8 is iffy at times compared with my G5RV at home.   My plan for next year is to run at least 25 watts and use my Buddipole and/Buddistick along with my mag loop.  I left it home this year depending on a QRPGuys 3 band vertical hanging down from our balcony but too much metal in the concrete and stucco siding and a mag loop.  I really need to get my equipment down on the beach as antennas need to be discreet in our rented condo.

Make sure to have some form of an antenna analyzer when you set up any of your antennas.  Every little bit of power out is helpful.  I prefer a YouKits analyzer as it works and is easy to use.  Nothing fancy but it tells me SWR and impedance. Works well tuning the Buddistick and pole, and mag loop.

The Super Antenna MP1 is also a good portable antenna but your PAC 12 is good also.  I have used both.

So 25 watts at least, best antenna you can put up, and an analyzer for tuning.  Have fun.

Dave K8WPE

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On Mar 14, 2020, at 3:32 PM, Joshua Wood <WoodJRx@...> wrote:

Spring is right around the corner, so i'm looking at my current portable antenna options.  Does anyone have any advice on easily deployable portable antennas?  I've had minimal luck with my homebrew EFHWs using a 49:1, and my 9:1 not-so-random wires usually seem deaf.  The NorCal Doublet I made works okay, but is finicky to deploy, and fragile (ribbon cable isn't meant for 40ft runs, apparently).  I made two KE4PT End-Fed OCFD, and loved their form factor - but not their results.  My PAC-12 has had some decent results, but is finicky to tune.  My homemade Mag Loop (using the chameleon kit) has nice sharp tuning and good receive, but i've struggled making contacts with it.  I've had mixed results with a number of QRPGuys kits, as well.

I know it seems like a silly question, but- does anyone have any advice for a portable (i.e. small packed size) multi-band HF antenna (40-30-20-15)?  A club member has loaned me one of their W3EDP, but weather and family obligations haven't been conducive to testing it yet.  I figured now is the time to build new antennas to test this spring / summer!


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