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Jim Long

I am intrigued by the Norcal doublet.    Upon some cursory looking, I do not see 50 foot lengths of ribbon cable.  How about Ethernet cable?  Would it be strong enough to be suspended?  Are the individual wires insulated or bare?

Jim WW9H

On Sun, Mar 15, 2020 at 7:02 AM John <ve3ips@...> wrote:

You can build out a kit of antennas using common connectors and interchangable components like Lego

End Fed
Short antennas

These antennas can be rapidly deployed for field use based on terrain

You can use  a Buddipole as a dipole with wires by using the center insulator only

You can use a Packtennas different ways

Even Chameleon can be your friend (check out their user guides)

The fastest antenna to deploy is the SuperAntenna

So many antennas so little time. Or just throw up a random wire and use a tuner

Or spend $2 and make a NorCal Doublet

On Sat., Mar. 14, 2020, 18:44 Gwen Patton, <ardrhi@...> wrote:
It's interesting that you mention W3EDP antennas, Joshua. I have one as my main wire on my home station right now. I love the design, and it seems to work really well for me. I haven't used one portable, though. Should work about the same, I would think. I ran a half-sized one a couple of years ago, as an expedient over the winter when my OCFD came down in a storm, and it worked, just not nearly as well as I'd like. I also have a quarter-size one I used indoors as a test antenna on my bench. Again, it worked, but not super well because of the size and location.

I have the Elecraft AX/AXE portable antenna, but I haven't really had a chance to test it out yet. Maybe this week, if the weather is nice, I'll take it out in the backyard and give it a try. I also have a nifty antenna I bought from a guy on Etsy. He calls it a "SlinkTenna". It's the old standard Slinky antenna, except he uses the junior sized Slinkies, and builds the whole thing in a very well thought out PVC enclosure. It's at -- I recommend the optional support kit.

Ok, I'll be quiet now. ;)

Gwen, NG3P

On Sat, Mar 14, 2020 at 3:32 PM Joshua Wood <WoodJRx@...> wrote:
Spring is right around the corner, so i'm looking at my current portable antenna options.  Does anyone have any advice on easily deployable portable antennas?  I've had minimal luck with my homebrew EFHWs using a 49:1, and my 9:1 not-so-random wires usually seem deaf.  The NorCal Doublet I made works okay, but is finicky to deploy, and fragile (ribbon cable isn't meant for 40ft runs, apparently).  I made two KE4PT End-Fed OCFD, and loved their form factor - but not their results.  My PAC-12 has had some decent results, but is finicky to tune.  My homemade Mag Loop (using the chameleon kit) has nice sharp tuning and good receive, but i've struggled making contacts with it.  I've had mixed results with a number of QRPGuys kits, as well.

I know it seems like a silly question, but- does anyone have any advice for a portable (i.e. small packed size) multi-band HF antenna (40-30-20-15)?  A club member has loaned me one of their W3EDP, but weather and family obligations haven't been conducive to testing it yet.  I figured now is the time to build new antennas to test this spring / summer!



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