Re: Emergency Comm Email program


On 3/18/2020 9:37 PM, Johnny Matlock wrote:
Ge group
This video on QRZ might be of interest to you all.
If our internet goes down, this could
Help keep us in contact with each

Stay Well
Johnny AC0BQ
Illinois ARES and the State RACES station routinely practices using HF Winlink and ARDOP. It is fairly robust.

The good thing about using Winlink for email as opposed to one of the peer-to-peer digital, voice, or CW modes is that the stations do not have to be all on the air at the same time to communicate. It is possible for a person or group to normally monitor a phone net and periodically leave the net for a short time to check for email. This reduces the number of radios and antennas they have to have available.

Winlink of course still depends on the Internet. However, since an HF station will probably be connecting to a gateway hundreds or thousands of miles away, it can provide email in the event of a local, state wide, or regional outage.


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