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John - KK4ITX

I just love these kits...... just finished the 30m Cricket completing the series..... now I can run 80, 40, 30, 70, 110, 120, 150 meters as soon as David comes up with the 2021 CombinerCric !  (I am confident the FCC will allocate the new Bands soon).

I am trying to just use a SK so I don’t need the Cric-Key..........which of course is why I will get one on order to put together...... and I do marvel at Mr. Cripe’s imagination....... his designs are not only functional, they are pretty to look at, especially if all of the resistors have the tolerance ring pointing in the same direction.

Can you tell that this “Social Distance” thing is getting to me ?

Great group, missed the Net(s) tonight and still working on DMR.



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On Mar 25, 2020, at 20:15, Johnny Matlock <jomatlock@...> wrote:

Ge group 
I am please to announce that we have released a new Kit today. 
Its the Cric-Key designed by Dave Cripe.

The Cricket series consists of low cost entry level minimalist CW transceivers. This kit is designed to complement 4SQRP's popular CRICKET series of QRP transceivers with a useful and easy-to build keyer circuit.
It was intended to be the build session kit at Ozarkcon, but we all know that story.

You can find it here:

So during the trying times, order you one, fire up the iron and build something. 

Stay Well
Johnny AC0BQ

QRP....."More smiles per Watt"

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