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Mike Malone

Very cool!  Optimism runneth amuck over there!


On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 8:07 AM Don, W9EBK <donw9ebk@...> wrote:

Greetings 4-State QRPers,

I am thrilled to be arriving at my Virtual Ozarkcon 2020 this morning. N9HHE and I are getting pretty good at this Virtual Travel thing. Last month we were scheduled to go to North Carolina to meet our new Great Nephew and Great Niece. They were born to our Nephews’ wives on December 4 and January 4. Since we couldn’t go see them in person due to travel restrictions we did a Virtual visit with Moms and Dads sending us pictures and loving on them for us. We promised to make it to North Carolina to see them before they graduate High School.


I decided I wouldn’t let current restrictions totally cancel my Ozarkcon 2020. Just like we did with North Carolina, I’m doing a virtual Ozarkcon this weekend. I would normally stop at Grizzly Tool in Springfield, MO on the way to Branson. Instead I called them and ordered a new metal brake so I can make better enclosures and brackets for my radios.


In the spirit of the Build-a-thon I got into my tub of unbuilt kits and discovered I have 10 kits waiting for me to apply the soldering iron to them. I have a Cricket 80 and a Low Pass Filter kit that I won at Ozarkcon 2 years ago. They both might get built this weekend since I have time to do an extended Build-a-thon session. I say “might” because among my unbuilt kits I found an unlabeled Chinese kit that includes a 4-segment display. It must be a signal generator or a test set of some sort. I don’t remember ordering it and have no idea what it is. I’m considering building it just to see what it does when I’m done.


I figure a YouTube video or 2 will have to suffice for the conference portion of Ozarkcon. As for the banquet, we can cook something for ourselves. We just won’t be able to meet interesting people over dinner.


I may even give the Dummyload QSO party a try. In this case the dummy load will be 66 feet of wire strung up outside, and QSL cards will be via LOTW or U.S. mail instead of in person in the hotel.


And that hidden oscillator hunt that takes place at Ozarkcon; maybe this will be a good time to track down that noise source that gives me an S7 noise level most nights.


I’m sure Virtual Ozarkcon 2020 will not be as good as the real thing but we'll made due. As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”


I hope to see everyone in 2021.

Stay safe,

Don, W9EBK

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