Virtual Ozarkcon

Jerry Brown


A little follow-up from 2014 Ozarkcon....Ozarkcon is also a place with great memories.....

A few years back (2014) I was given the privilege of sharing with Ozarkcon attendees my
experiences hamming in Iraqi Kurdistan. My wife and I volunteering there teaching in a high school
loosely sponsored by churches in US. My wife was also the school nurse. This was
2011-2012, the year after I retired from the US Army Medical Corps were i was a nuclear
medicine physical and diagnostic radiologist.

One of my students for algebra one was Abudllah. This is where the story continues....

Abdullah is now a senior physics major at the University of Pennsylvania! He is just one  of many
reasonsour time teaching there was the most amazing year of all the years 
Angie and have been married (since 1978). Abdullah just spent his second spring break with us. 
His full scholarship as a University of Pennsylvania President's World Scholar is worth $82 K this year.
I value his friendship more than you can imagine and i sense the feeling is mutual.

Abdullah's resume is something to behold for a 22 year old from Baghdad!


Jerry N4EO, ex-YI9EO and Angie KH6EO, ex-YI9AB


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