Sasquatch Stomp was Fun

Wayne McFee

Hello All,
The Sasquatch Stomp was a lot of fun, with good numbers of signals on the band.  Those of you who participated, please go to
and go to the bottom of the page and download the score sheet.
All you need to do is fill in the appropriate green boxes.
Such as the year, your callsign, your QTH, your SPC (QTH), Sasquatch Number given out and your name.
Add up all the received Sasquatch Numbers and put the total in the green box on line 15 as a negative number.  Example –12, 980
Put the total number of Yetis worked I the green box on line 16 and put the total number of contacts made in the green box on line 17.
Then, if you used a straight key for the whole event, put –9,999 in the green box on line 23.  If not, leave it blank.
The form takes care of all the rest, so you can then email a copy to nb6m@....
We will give everyone a week to get their score sheets in and then the results will be posted on the Sasquatch Stomp web page.
A big thank you to wll who took part.
Wayne  NB6M

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