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On 4/4/2020 10:15 AM, John Lonigro wrote:
To all Four-Staters:

I hope everyone is firing up their radios and trying to work people during these extraordinary times.  This might be the longest "sprint" in the history of radio, lasting pretty much all weekend (hi).  I think Johnny was pretty clear with the rules, which should be familiar to those participating in our monthly sprints.  As far as sending in your score is concerned, please send the following: 1) #QSOs with members (NOT including bonus QSOs with K0N and WQ5RP), 2) #QSOs with non-members, 3) #QSOs with K0N and WQ5RP.  Note: It's fair to have multiple QSOs with the bonus stations, as long as they are on different bands, which is the same rule with all QSOs.  The CW and sideband portions of each band are considered separate "bands" for the purposes of this contest.

To tabulate your score, I will multiply your number of QSOs with members by 2 and the number with bonus stations by 4 and will add the results to the number of QSOs with non-members.   So just send me the raw scores requested above (with dupes removed).  I'm not asking for you to send in your logs, but have them handy in case I have questions or request a copy.  Since there are prizes involved, not just certificates, I want to get this right.

Sample submission:

(Email subject:  4SQRP Ozarkcon Sprint)

Name: Rover Jones
Callsign: K9DOG
City: Dogtown
State: MO
4SQRP Member number: 99999

Results (with dupes removed):
Number of QSOs with members (NOT including K0N or WQ5RP):  W
Number of QSOs with non-members: X
Number of QSOs with K0N: Y
Number of QSOs with WQ5RP: Z

The score for Rover in this case would be 2W + X +4(Y+Z)

If you adhere to this format, it would make it much easier for me.

TNX, 72, and good luck in the contest,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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