Ozarkcon Sprint - send in your score

John Lonigro

The Ozarkcon Sprint is over.  I've only received 4 entries so far and I know at least 10 people made contacts.  Please send in your score, no matter how poorly you think you did.  If I only get four entries total, three of them will get certificates and two will get prizes.  So please send your score to ME, not to qrpcontest.com or anywhere else.  If desired, you can simply reply to this email with the appropriate data: Your name, call, member number, #QSOs: 1) with members; 2) with non-members; 3) with K0N; and 4) with WQ5RP. Thanks.

I know it wasn't as much fun as Ozarkcon would have been.  How could it be?  Hopefully, things will be different next year and our dummy load activity will be back.

Next Sunday is Easter.  It is also the Second Sunday of April, which means it will again be time for the Second Sunday Sprint.  Normally, there will be a lot of get-togethers, easter egg hunts, etc, but I predict it will be different this year.  If you are stuck at home Sunday night with nothing to do, you might as well try your luck with the SSS.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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