Ozarkcon Sprint Results

John Lonigro

I know this isn't as much fun as Ozarkcon would have been, but it's a lot safer for all.  Without further ado, here are the results of the first (and hopefully last) Ozarkcon Sprint.  Note: Numbers in parentheses are #QSOs with members (2 points), # with non-members (1 point), # with K0N (4 points), and # with WQ5RP (4 points).

First Place goes to John Watkins, N0EVH, of Independence, MO with 17 total points.  (3,7,1,0)
Second Place goes to David Kukulka, AB9BZ, of Chicago, IL with 16 total points. (0,8,1,1)
Third Place goes to Glenn Snow, N4MJ, of South Fulton, TN with 10 total points. (1,0,1,1)

These three will receive the coveted 4SQRP certificate via email shortly.  First and second place also will receive more tangible prizes.  You will be contacted by Johnny, AC0BQ, regarding those gifts.

Others who entered the contest were:
Paul, WA9PWP with 8 points (0,0,1,1).
Terry, WA0ITP, with 4 points (0,0,1,0).
John, KK4ITX, with 2 points (1,0,0,0).

The two bonus stations' scores were:
Johnny, K0N (aka AC0BQ), with 25 points (8,5,1,0).
Bert, WQ5RP, (aka N0YJ), with 17 points (5,3,0,1).

Both bonus stations were located in Kansas.
The other 6 entrants were each from a different state: MO, IL, TN, WI, IA, FL, so they each came in first place in their state (hi).

Don't forget the regular Second Sunday Sprint this coming Sunday (Easter Sunday).

72 and stay safe,
John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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