Re: Twenty years a major change occured to the QRP amateur radio hobby


I built a Norcal 40-9er about a decade ago, using board from Far Circuits, had a lot of fun with it.  I added a 555 oscillator for sidetone.  Not much power output with a nine volt battery, but using an 8xAA pack and a 2N5109 to get about 3/4W.  Worked about 25 stations in dozen states until the novelty wore off,  I still have somewhere an extra circuit board.

Am going get mine out of the drawer tomorrow and try it out again.  The receiver works quite well, but the offset is only about 200 hz on mine, so kinda hard for my old ears to hear..

Everything N6KR designed was great.  Besides the 40-9er, I have an SST, NC40A, K1, and K2. 

Curt KB5JO

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