help with 4slink

Paul Daulton

I purchased a 4slink at Branson and assembled it and set aside until I finished my MST400. I checked it for rec on digipan and fldigi and it worked ok on rec, Now I have tried to transmitt I find it will not key.

T1 and T2 were marked with a black stripe on one side I assumed to be the primary . My circuit board does not agree with the schematic. J1 is MIC/PTT J2 is speaker J3 is speaker J4 is MIC J5 is key. I mounted the t1 and t2 with the black stripe pointing to c1 and c3. Have I installed the t1 and t2 backwards?

I didnt catch the descrepancy on the jacks as all were the same.

Schemaatic I have is dated 1/26/2013.

Comments welcome.

Paul Daulton K5WMS
beacon WMS 185.302 khz qrss30/slow 24/7
Jacksonville,Ar 72076

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