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Johnny AC0BQ

Ga Paul 
I just pulled the top off of mine and my trans. Have a P on that side, and yes they are mounted toward c1 and c3.
Let me look at the schematic, I think your problem is with the pin out of one of the jacks either j3 or J4.
The key up out put is not where you think it is!
Be back soon!
Johnny AC0BQ

On Saturday, June 1, 2013, Paul Daulton wrote:

I purchased a 4slink at Branson and assembled it and set aside until I finished my MST400. I checked it for rec on digipan and fldigi and it worked ok on rec, Now I have tried to transmitt I find it will not key.

T1 and T2 were marked with a black stripe on one side I assumed to be the primary . My circuit board does not agree with the schematic. J1 is MIC/PTT J2 is speaker J3 is speaker J4 is MIC J5 is key. I mounted the t1 and t2 with the black stripe pointing to c1 and c3. Have I installed the t1 and t2 backwards?

I didnt catch the descrepancy on the jacks as all were the same.

Schemaatic I have is dated 1/26/2013.

Comments welcome.

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