Re: Nauveau 75 no modulation

K0WDO Will Osborn

Hi Tim! Finished my N75a yesterday. I had the same issue and thought I had a bad mic until I maxed out the mic gain and talked very loud in the mic. Even at 90% mic gain there is zero audio but turn it clockwise till it stops and I now get about 10 watts PEP and a 4 watt carrier. I can hear myself on a nearby receiver. 

Keep us posted! I’m still testing mine. 

73, Will 

On Apr 14, 2020, at 8:45 AM, Tim <w4yn@...> wrote:

Nice 5 watt carrier but I get no modulation with MIc.
PTT on mic is very stiff but I do not think that is a problem.
Anyone else have that issue before I drag out Oscope!
Tim W4YN

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