Re: Nouveau 75A PTT

Donald <donwestpwl@...>

Hey John,

Maybe you want to amplify your Nouveau because...

You and your best friend now live out of range of a Nouveau 75, but an amp lets you ragchew reliably. What's better than ragchewing with a buddy, on something you built?
Maybe you like hiking/camping operating, and you like to take a portable amp, for those challenging circumstances.

Maybe you've got a squirrel using your 80 meter antenna for a shortcut to the bird feeder, and you want to see how he reacts to a couple hundred watts of "CQ squirrel, CQ squirrel".

Maybe you've got some big amplifiers and you really enjoy using them with all your radios.

73, Donald, KB5PWL

On 4/15/2020 6:58 AM, John P Lloyd via wrote:
Hello Rex,
I was reading your email and was wondering what is the point of running high power when the Noveau (and the retro 75, I have both) are basically deaf?

When I inquired about this a few months ago i found on the web the explanation that as the Noveau only was a 5 watt rig and better sensitivity was not needed.

I measured my  Noveau with an elecraft signal source.

Please understand I don't mean any disrespect in my email, just trying to understand the reasoning.

73, john w4jpl

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