Re: Nouveau 75A PTT

Donald A. Kocsis

Hi all,


I built my Nouveau 75A last week and find the receiver very sensitive. My output power is around 3 watts at 3.705 MHZ and 2 watts at 3.880 MHZ. In Ohio there are stations on 3.875, 3.880 and 3.885 in the evening which sometime cause some interference when I am on 3.880 MHZ. I connected the 75A to my SB220 and use a foot switch and get between 70 and 100 watts output. I got into the Mighty Elmac net on Wednesday.


73, Don WA8TWM


From: [] On Behalf Of Rex K0KP
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2020 11:27
Subject: Re: [4SQRP] Nouveau 75A PTT


Hi John -  I have not had a sensitivity problem and two other Nouveau 75A owners here in Minnesota that I regularly talk with report that the sensitivity is good on their units as well.  Have not observed this to be a problem at all.  We have a morning group on 3730 KHz each day and sometimes when the band is down an amplifier after the Nouveau 75A really helps to make the QSOs sollid Q5 copy.

73 Rex K0KP

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