Re: Suspect Parts


More experiences with problematic parts.

Building the Ozark Patrol yesterday, three of the caps in the kit (C2, C8, and C9) are obviously and easily recognized from you know where..  I always test these and as expected C2 & C8 were about 50% high of marked value with discharge ten times my stock.  C9 was open.  As usual, tossed them in waste and replaced with my own stock.  If they had tested nominally good, not sure if could trust the reliability.


Had the same issue with the .01 and .1 caps in the Hilltopper kit, and single-band transceiver kit from another vendor.  Not all were bad but enough to have no confidence in the reliability of the finished kit using the supplied parts.  Once again replaced all with my own stock.  That has become my default approach to these cheapest of parts.

Active components identified with transistor and Fet numbers must be tested too.  I have encountered "Fets" that were audio transistors, "RF" transistors that were actually AF or non-functioning devices.  Years ago I assumed that parts identified as new parts were as labeled and functional.  Never tested new parts.  Now I test everything I can before installing it.  So far haven't been bitten by a counterfeit IC, but they are surely out there waiting.

73, Curt

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