Re: Nouveau 75A PTT


I am in New England and it seems that as the morning goes on, the signals get weaker and the noise gets louder.

Don’ know but......  I think I might do better if we try QRP AM in the PM.

Probably the 3.730 - 3.740 region would be a good area to try.

What do you all, (especially near me!) think would be a good time?

Got a barefoot Nouveau 75A running off 13.8v to an end fed half wave to a bush to a tree, not exactly straight to a couple of not too tall trees. Probably about 30G stranded wire picked up from a ham fest.
 I use WebSDR on line as a sort of pan adapter to spot AM carriers but the nearest station they have that I can listen to/watch is in Pennsylvania. Earlier this morning I could see my carrier really faintly (but hear nothing) and now at 9am can see nothing at all there, coming from my station.

jerry aa1of
franconia nh

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