Re: Nouveau 75A PTT

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Just thought I'd throw out an invitation for any and all Nouveau 75ers to join the Midwest Classic Radio Net on 3885 Saturday mornings starting at 7:30AM Central time.   Most of the stations are in the IL-WI-MI area but one regular from St. Louis gets in with a barefoot Ranger, and with the screwy band condition we've been having - who knows?    I usually run low power gear like the Ameco TX-86 today but my Knight T-60, 2 and 6 watt homebrews, and other QRP AM rigs have been heard all over the midwest.    I usually turn on the little sweep tube amp when I check in with the Nouveau 75 and then make my transmission with it off when I know I have a clear frequency.   When band conditions are decent I've had good S9 reports or better out to 300 miles or so using my Matchbox-fed dipole.    Some guys won't get on AM without having a linear fired up,  so I hope this shows that you don't always need to be running power to have fun on AM!

You can find the schematic for the converted CB sweep tube amp on my webpage:    It would be a good homebrew project if you can scrounge up a suitable HV transformer or have something like an HP-23 supply sitting around.

If anyone wants to specifically try to check into the MCRN, drop me an email and I'll let the net manager know so the NCS can keep an ear peeled or take a special standby for you.

73, Bob W9RAN

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