qrparci reflector at groups.io

Jim Stafford W4QO

Still plenty of openings for the qrparci reflector.
450 members so far.  Lots of contest chit chat.
You may/should advertise your QRP contests
and/or activities on this club reflector.
For example, check out the posts to the recent SPRING
QSO PARTY event:  qrpcontest.org with over 60 entries.
It all happened due to huge publicity on the qrparci
reflector: qrparci.groups.io  Take a look; the posts
or open to read and easily searchable.
You do not have to be a club member to join this reflector but
if you are a member of qrparci, this is your
club’s reflector.  Ask questions, get latest news, when
QQ ships, etc.
If your email address does not include your callsign…
the also send your callsign to cw at w4qo.com
qrparci.groups.io    Then hit the SUBSCRIBE button.
Have you checked out the RBN skimmer for
members of various CW clubs:
http://rbn.telegraphy.de/  Good way to spot
SKCC, CW OPS, QRPARCI, etc.  To see your
callsign, just call CQ or send TEST followed by
your callsign.  This assumes you belong to one
of the clubs listed.
NOTE: this is not trying to take traffic away
from QRP-L or any other reflector.  With so
many sitting inside these days, plenty of time to
read lots of ham radio news…. 
And check out the FL QSO PARTY this weekend:
QRP category!  Lots of stations on the air from FLA...
Take care.
qrparci #6515

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