Re: Ozark Patrol Tuning adjustment question

Jerome Wysocki

Thanks, Curt. Your audio files sound just like my receiver does on 80 and 75 meters, but only after the addition of the 10 ohm resistor to the one turn feedback coil going through the center of the torroid coil, as I described it. Mine does not like long antennas, so I use a 30 foot longwire. Furthermore, I substituted a small adjustable trimmer capacitor to replace the gimmick capacitor in the original design. This allows me to better control the input from possible overload by reducing the coupling with the antenna. Adjusting that trimmer helped me do precisely that.

I tried substituting a 2N2222 for the original detector transistor, but found nothing really significantly different in receiver performance with either one. All resistors were within spec when I tested them, prior to installation. Maybe some critical capacitors surrounding the detector transistor are marginal, relative to their specs, and are just off enough to cause the problem I am having. (I carefully observed that no mistakes were made in part identifications, prior to soldering them into place.) No solder bridges or cold joints were observed either, as far as I can see. Voltages appear normal.

Thanks again, Curt. I'm sure I'm missing something simple, and I'll probably kick myself when I find it 🙂. Meanwhile, it works really well on cw and ssb on 80 and 75 meters, and is good enough for a QRP cw receiver on that band.

... Jerry Wysocki, KC9JXE

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