Re: Ozark Patrol Tuning adjustment question


Ok, since the 560 pF cap isn't in the circuit for the 5-12 MHz scale, assumes this means need to add some capacitance in parallel with the capacitor to bring the top frequency down.  QSL the trimmer, but I thought that was what the trimmers on the back of the variable capacitor were for, to adjust the tracking of the tuning.  Adjusting these makes no difference for me. 

For the 1.6 uH tank, the maximum frequency now is about 15.5 MHz which implies a capacitance of 70pF.  At 12 MHz implied capacitance is 110pF.  So, I assume putting a 40 pF cap in parallel with the tank will get the tuning to track the dial markings?  I think I have a 50 pF trimmer and will give that a try.


Curt KB5JO

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