Re: Cricket 30

David Kukulka, AB9BZ

I have a 40M Cricket with the same problem - the hum is so loud that I can barely hear the station getting back to me (I have 2 q's so far).
I decided to experiment a little after seeing your post. I first tried replacing the coil L4 with varying resistor sizes, I had quiet receive, but no or very little power output. I ended up replacing L4 with a coil that I wound - but had marginal improvement. I then suspected that the crystal oscillator is probably overdriven, so I placed a 10k potentiometer in series with R1, adjusted it until the hum dropped off and it seems to be fine now, RX sigs are much clearer, even with the pot maxed at 10k - I'll probably just pull R1 and place a 10k in its place, - TX is still .7 W. I hope this helps. 73 ab9bz

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