Re: HF Poor / 6M Good

Jim Sheldon

Don't know if there is a specific CW calling frequency, but most of the CW activity was from about 50.080 through 50.110.  SSB is usually from 50.125 (calling freq) and up.  LOTS of great sporadic E activity over the last few days so if you have 6M capability, even with simple wire antennas, jump on the band.  It usually opens up after noon and runs well into the evening hours when it's open.  Also, check out the website ---  which will show the openings on a map and where the activity is.  
Jim - W0EB
> Gm Dale What frequency do they use for call freq on 6 meters CW?
> Thanks 
> Johnny AC0BQ
> On Saturday, June 1, 2013, Dale Putnam  wrote:
>> But 6 was HOT!!! Made a TX and an AZ Q...with 5w cw... On 50Mhz
> Have a great day,
> Dale - WC7S

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