Re: 40 and 80 Meter Net Report

John - KK4ITX

Yes Dale, I am aware of the overlap in use and not placing blame but I often bring up the issue to perhaps get the 4S frequency moved to avoid the QRM.  I had my FT-450D filter at 300 and could still hear them at 7121 around an S4-5.  They were clearly centered on 7125 well within their rights, no problem here on that score..... but pretty wide.

There is often interference to deal with as I work 95+% QRP and that’s part of the game, usually when I can, I just quietly move away from it but that’s not an option when I am chasing a Net.

I figure that being just a handful of miles from the Gulf Coast makes it even more likely for me to have an issue, it’s not uncommon here.



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On Apr 30, 2020, at 09:56, Dale Holloway, K4EQ <daleholloway@...> wrote:

John, some of the Central and South America countries have phone privileges in our CW sub-bands. Years ago I lived in Costa Rica and Honduras and I once had a cross mode SSB/CW contact with a stateside Novice. It was perfectly legal for both of us. So when a DX station crowds us at 7122 kHz, we need to remember that he/she may be complaining about how we're causing them QRM just like we complain about them. Who's wrong?  :-)

Dale Holloway, K4EQ

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