Four State Releases New Kit


The Four State QRP Group is pleased to announce the availability of the Cyclone
40 Transceiver.

This innovative and simple transceiver by NM�S is an enhanced version of Dave's
QRP ARCI's 72 Part Challenge Design Contest entry in 2010. This is a complete
kit, including the enclosure. The price is a buck a part plus shipping, $104
total, for domestic sales. Purchasing info and more details are on the kit's
home page here Here are some of the design

. All through hole parts and easy assembly. NO SMD parts
. Less than 100 components
. Superhet receiver with very good sensitivity and selectivity
. "Perfect" QSK very high speed and absolutely seamless operation.
. VFO tunes the entire 125 kHZ CW segment of the 40M band at a comfortable
tuning rate.
. Transmitter output is nominally 4W. Those built so far are running ~ 4.6W
. Frequency readout is included so you know where you are at all times.
. A very attractive PCB enclosure is included. It's easy to assemble and looks
. All parts are included, jacks, knobs, enclosure, transformers, everything.
This is a complete kit, including a black enclosure with white silkscreened

We hope you enjoy this high performance transceiver.
I love this radio stuff !

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